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Title Web Design Enfield - Lucys Web Designs

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Description Affordable Web Design Enfield Call now on 07795 170193 | FREE TRAINING with each site build!

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Keywords web design enfield ,web design North London,london web design company,web design uk,web design hertfordshire,web design london,design agency hertfordshire,hertfordshire web design,website designers uk

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locale en_US
type website
title Web Design Enfield - Lucys Web Designs
description Affordable Web Design Enfield Call now on 07795 170193 | FREE TRAINING with each site build!
site_name Lucys Web Designs
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  • [H1] Meet David, one of my clients
  • [H1] Latest Blogs
  • [H1] Social Media Training in Enfield
  • [H1] Vic Smith Beds Photoshoot | Advert
  • [H1] Guest Post: THAT’S MY SONG! by John Cee Stannard
  • [H1] Customers Experience
  • [H1] My Clients Include:
  • [H1] Join me on Twitter
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  • [H4] These are the questions you need to ask your web designer:\r\n\r\n Do you offer training?\r\n Can I update the site myself?\r\n Is it easy to share content?\r\n Can I have a blog?\r\n Can you add Google products, such as video analytics?\r\n Will the site be responsive?\r\n Will it grow as my business grows?\r\n Will my website be future-proof?\r\n Can it host e-commerce?\r\n Will it have great design?\r\n Do you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?\r\n\r\nThere\u2019s a great BIG tick next to all of these at Lucy\u2019s Web Designs.","call_to_label_primary":"","call_to_url_primary":"","call_to_url_primary_target_blank":"","call_to_label_secondary":"","call_to_url_secondary":"","call_to_url_secondary_target_blank":""},"type":"thb_text_box"}]}]}],"appearance":{"width":"boxed","padding_top":"","padding_bottom":"","margin_top":"","margin_bottom":"","background":{"id":"","overlay_display":"1","overlay_color":"","overlay_opacity":"","background_color":""},"background_appearance":"parallax","fit_height":"","class":""}},{"rows":[{"columns":[{"size":"full","appearance":"","blocks":[{"data":{"margin_top":"4","margin_bottom":"","show_go_top":"","divider_styles":"divider-style-c","class":""},"type":"thb_divider"},{"data":{"box_layout":"layout-left-alt","layout_styles":"layout-style-a","subtitle_position":"subtitle-bottom","class":"","icon":"","icon_styles":"icon-style-a","icon_color":"","icon_size":"icon-small","icon_image":"","title":"","subtitle":"","content":"The websites I make aren\u2019t expensive, just well designed, easy to update and tailor-made to your requirements. To see some example of my work please have a look at my Portfolio.\r\n\r\nOr to find out how I can create the perfect site for your organisation,\r\n\r\nfeel free to call me on 07795 170193 for an initial chat. Having completed a site build, I sit with my client and show them how the site works. This means they can add links and edit or add text to their site without any further costs. ","call_to_label_primary":"","call_to_url_primary":"","call_to_url_primary_target_blank":"","call_to_label_secondary":"","call_to_url_secondary":"","call_to_url_secondary_target_blank":""},"type":"thb_text_box"},{"data":{"margin_top":"1","margin_bottom":"","show_go_top":"","divider_styles":"divider-style-a","class":""},"type":"thb_divider"}]}]}],"appearance":{"width":"boxed","class":""}},{"rows":[{"columns":[{"size":"full","appearance":"","blocks":[{"data":{"id":"https:\/\/\/watch?v=9mbc4HmTHfs&list=UUNxn7DKpUfHX8kUO_QE7UTw","autoplay":"","loop":"","title":"Meet David, one of my clients","content":"","class":""},"type":"thb_video"}]}]}],"appearance":{"width":"boxed","padding_top":"","padding_bottom":"","margin_top":"","margin_bottom":"","background":{"id":"8932","overlay_display":"1","overlay_color":"#2fb5b3","overlay_opacity":"","background_color":""},"background_appearance":"parallax","fit_height":"1","class":""}},{"rows":[{"columns":[{"size":"full","appearance":"","blocks":[{"data":{"title":"Latest Blogs","layout":"masonry","query_filter":{"num":"3","orderby":"date","order":"desc"},"thumbnails_open_post":"1","class":"","carousel":"0","carousel_module":"5","carousel_show_nav_arrows":"1","carousel_nav_arrows_position":"bottom","carousel_show_pagination":"1","carousel_autoplay":"1","carousel_transition_time":""},"type":"thb_blog"}]}]}],"appearance":{"width":"boxed","class":""}},{"rows":[{"columns":[{"size":"full","appearance":"","blocks":[{"data":{"id":"archives-sidebar","class":""},"type":"thb_widget_area"},{"data":{"box_layout":"layout-inline","layout_styles":"layout-style-a","subtitle_position":"subtitle-top","class":"","icon":"","icon_styles":"icon-style-a","icon_color":"","icon_size":"icon-small","icon_image":"","title":"My Clients Include:","subtitle":"","content":"","call_to_label_primary":"","call_to_url_primary":"","call_to_url_primary_target_blank":"","call_to_label_secondary":"","call_to_url_secondary":"","call_to_url_secondary_target_blank":""},"type":"thb_text_box"},{"data":{"image":"8944","image_size":"full","open_lightbox":"1","link_href":"http:\/\/\/past-sites\/","link_target_blank":"","title":"","content":"","class":""},"type":"thb_image"}]}]}],"appearance":{"width":"boxed","class":""}}]}; var thb_slideshow = {"autoplay":"0","speed":"3000","effect":"move","num_slides":"0"}; /* ]]> */ var ajaxurl = ''; (function(url){ if(/(?:Chrome\/26\.0\.1410\.63 Safari\/537\.31|WordfenceTestMonBot)/.test(navigator.userAgent)){ return; } var wfscr = document.createElement('script'); wfscr.type = 'text/javascript'; wfscr.async = true; wfscr.src = url + '&r=' + Math.random(); (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]||document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(wfscr); })('//'); .header-layout-a #main-nav ul > > a:hover, .thb-section-column-block-thb_text_box .thb-section-block-call-to .action-primary:hover, .header-layout-a #main-nav ul ul li a:hover, #slide-menu-container ul li a:hover, .thb-navigation.numeric li .current, #page-links span, a:hover, .thb-text blockquote:after, .comment_body blockquote:after, .hentry.masonry .loop-post-meta a:hover, .item.list.classic .item-header .loop-post-meta a:hover, .thb-related li .item-title p a:hover, .meta.details a:hover, .thb-portfolio-grid-b .work-inner-wrapper .thb-like:hover, .thb-portfolio-filter .filterlist, #respond .comment-notes a:hover, #respond .logged-in-as a:hover, .icon-style-a.thb-section-column-block-thb_text_box .thb-section-block-icon, .icon-style-b.thb-section-column-block-thb_text_box .thb-section-block-icon, .icon-style-e.thb-section-column-block-thb_text_box .thb-section-block-icon, .thb-section-column-block-thb_accordion .thb-toggle-trigger:hover, .thb-section-column-block-thb_accordion .thb-toggle-trigger:hover:before, .thb-tab-horizontal.thb-section-column-block-thb_tabs .thb-tabs-nav a, .thb-tab-vertical.thb-section-column-block-thb_tabs .thb-tabs-nav a, .thb-tab-vertical.thb-section-column-block-thb_tabs .thb-tabs-nav a:after, .thb-tab-vertical.thb-section-column-block-thb_tabs .thb-tabs-nav a:hover:after, .thb-section-column-block-thb_divider .thb-go-top:hover, .thb-skin-light .hentry.masonry .item-header h1 a:hover, .hentry.masonry .item-header .thb-skin-light h1 a:hover, .thb-skin-light .item.list.classic .item-header h1 a:hover, .item.list.classic .item-header .thb-skin-light h1 a:hover, .thb-skin-dark .thb-text a:hover, .thb-skin-dark .hentry.masonry .item-header h1 a:hover, .hentry.masonry .item-header .thb-skin-dark h1 a:hover, .thb-skin-dark .item.list.classic .item-header h1 a:hover, .item.list.classic .item-header .thb-skin-dark h1 a:hover { color: #319e8b; 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  • [H4] These are the questions you need to ask your web designer:
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Free 1 2 1 Training with Each Build Internal Passing Juice
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Social Media Training in Enfield Internal Passing Juice
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Vic Smith Beds Photoshoot | Advert Internal Passing Juice
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Guest Post: THAT’S MY SONG! by John Cee Stannard Internal Passing Juice
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